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October 27-29th 2023 


HCLN's young adults retreat is a three-day, two-night, Christian conference, that helps young adult Haitian-Americans from around the world to discover purpose, find freedom, and build authentic; long-lasting relationships. 


"It was great! A lot of my questions were answered."

-Washington, D.C attendee

"Honestly...the retreat was AMAZING!"

-Salisbury, MD attendee. 

"It was so relatable with what I'm going through now."

-Jersey City, NJ attendee

"It made me think more about my vision, and where I want to go in life."

-Philadelphia, PA attendee

"The Retreat was just what I needed at the perfect time!"

- Newark, NJ attendee

"I thank HCLN so much for your efforts and hard work! This retreat was LIFE-CHANGING!"

- Miami, FL attendee

"I met a lot of new people! The enjoyable interactions made me remember how good Christ is!"

-Orange, NJ attendee

"It was allowed me to meet new people who are like gave me people to relate to."

-Dover, DE attendee

"It gave me different perspectives, and introduced me to concepts that I hadn't heard before."

- Trenton, NJ attendee

"I have only good things to say!"

- Queens, NY attendee 

"It was great! Let's go higher!"

- Orlando, FL attendee

This was an AMAZING first experience! 

-Wilmington, DE attendee

"Make the retreat LONGER!"

-Washington, D.C. attendee

"It was amazing, and so insightful! We had so many conversations that promoted vulnerability. It was refreshing, and soooo needed!"

- Baltimore, MD attendee

#HearUsFromHeaven Begins in...

"It gave me practical tools to apply to my everyday life."

-Philadelphia, PA attendee

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